We help you Expanding in Africa and Middle East

Leveraging an experience of over 18 years in the area, we help you expanding your business in Africa & Middle East. We are providing a comprehensive solution for small to medium-sized companies which are willing to fully outsource their export management operations to seasoned professionals knowing very well the emerging markets environment.

Our systematic approach is designed to quickly respond to our client’s needs, ensuring optimal results with no initial investment or risk taking from the client.

The journey starts with a thorough evaluation of the market potential of client’s products, an identification of the short and mid-term opportunities, and a selection of the target markets. Thereafter, the Go to Market strategy is addressed through various models and options. The client is connected with potential distribution partners in the territories selected and accompanied through the contractual negotiation.

In addition to that, the regulatory framework and registration requirements are defined in details and the client is assisted in all the regulatory submissions and in the obtainment of all the marketing authorizations required prior to the commercialization of the products.

The management of the sales & operations is a key component of the full solution we offer, we develop a complete sales & marketing strategy aimed at achieving the optimal financial targets for the client. We negotiate and obtain orders on their behalf and we supervise the entire Order to clearance process working with the local distributor form one side, and the commercial, finance and supply chain teams from the client's side.

We give a special attention in assessing the financial risks for the clients and we actively participate in collecting their payments.

Appreciating the increasing need for brand visibility through on-line or conventional channels, we help our clients building their brand strategy and marketing action plans , and we perform on their behalf marketing actions such as participation in local and international congresses, roadshows, digital events…


We find suppliers for you

In a global environment where health authorities and public funding is putting more and more pressure on cost, finding the most cost-effective products without compromising quality compliance becomes a major preoccupation of the healthcare industry weather it is in the manufacturing area or in the distribution arena.

At MAHHA Healthcare, we help our clients find the right sourcing partners relying on experienced sourcing professionals based in Beijing.

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Market research

  • Gathering detailed information about targeted markets and business segments.
  • Identifying & sizing immediate and long-term opportunities for a selected product portfolio.
  • Analyze market needs, segments, and competitor’s activity.
  • Build commercial and marketing strategy and establish business plans.

Go to Market strategy and Partnership facilitation

  • Analyze principal’s business portfolio and targeted market to define Go to Market strategy.
  • Identify and put through potential business partners for selected channels.
  • Negotiate transactional terms and conditions and assist principals in contractual discussions with selected partners.

Sales & Operations Management

  • Develop strategy aimed at achieving principal’s sales targets and long-term growth objectives.
  • Establish & execute sales plan for selected products in targeted territories.
  • Build and promote strong, long-lasting relationships with business partners and key accounts.
  • Negotiate, obtain and execute sales orders for contracting principals.
  • Supervise the Order to remittance process, between local customers and principal, and provide operational assistance in transactions, supply chain, customs clearance, cash collection…
  • Help principals assessing financial risk associated with targeted markets and customers and assist them in collecting their payments.

Marketing Operations

  • Design and roll-out marketing action plan in accordance with principal’s strategy.
  • Represent principal in local and international congresses and exhibitions.
  • Organize digital events for product launches and presentations.
  • Conduct customer visits and roadshows.

Regulatory Affairs

Evaluate Regulatory framework of selected product portfolio in targeted countries.
Help principals define their market access strategy.
Provide strategic and operational assistance in product registrations and in the relationship with health authorities.


International sourcing

Identifying international pharma & medical devices manufacturers responding to the client needs.
Assistance in obtaining the best prices and developing strategic sourcing relationship with suppliers.
Manage the buying process between client and the supplier from the need’s expression to the final remittance of the orders, ensuring all quality, lead time, price/effectiveness goals are met.