Fariel Bel Hadj Kacem  speaking about MAHHA


Meherzia bent Abdelkader Daghfouss [1917 - 2012]


" There was no doubt for me, that our company will be founded in honor of my grandmother Mahha, so this person had a preponderant importance in my childhood, and such a determining impact in my life. I spent most of my childhood with this woman, bathed in her love, soothed by her smile and rocked by her songs.

Mahha from her real name Meherzia bent Abdelkader Daghfouss was born on December 24th 1917 ,she grew up in a famous family of Nabeul. She got married at 24 with Kacem Bel Hadj Kacem a big family of Dar Chaabene El Fehri. Given the difficult relationship she had with both her mother and her mother in law, Mahha's life was not easy at all and she had to fight to earn a living since she was young.

She gave birth and raised 10 children : 6 daughters and 4 sons. She dedicated her entire life to educate them and to provide them with all the necessary conditions to suceed in their personal and professional lifes. During the World War II, she had to assume the responsibility of taking care of her family. Every evening, she was digging trenches in the olive groves, to hide her children and protect them from bombardments. Her husband, although he was a very kind man, he never worked any single day in his life.

If I had to describe Mahha, I would say she was a hard working, very kind and helpful woman. She was resourceful, foreseeing and very patient. She was there for everyone, with her limited resources : offering provisions to poor people, suporting neighbours and large family members to marry their kids. She never refrained from helping others. Despite she was not originally from Dar Chaabene el Fehri, Mahha has gained the respect and the admiration of all her neighbourhood. During the ninetees, she was officially given "The militant Mother" presidential decoration by the mayor of the town.

She was defenitely, a woman with strong values and great insight who serverd not only her family but the whole community…

She will remain forever in our memories…"